More Baseball Sunday

July 1, Phoenix – While the Dbacks manage to hang on to the top spot in the NL West, here’s hoping that you are managing to have a great summer wherever you may be. Here are a few recent conversations that have been heard on Baseball Sunday, heard every Sunday on Sports 620 KTAR.

First up Missoula Osprey hitting coach Alan Zinter on his incredible journey as a minor league and big league baseball player that ended in 2007.

Alan Zinter.jpg
Alan Zinter Interview.WMA

Next is Nationals third baseman Aaron Boone talking about a life filled with this game.

aaron boone.jpg
Aaron Boone Interview.WMA

The voice of baseball in the South has been Pete Van Wieren for more than a quarter century, here are a few of his unique Braves memories.

pete van wieren.jpg
Pete Van Wieren Interview.WMA


Finally Brandon Webb, a chance to get to know more about the man behind the Cy Young seaon.

brandon webb.jpg
Brandon Webb Interview.WMA

See you at the ballpark! Have a great 4th!



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