Decision 08′

September 29, Phoenix – Like twenty two other teams in baseball, my vacation starts today in peace and relaxation, while still having the burning desire to be joining the team for the first round of the playoffs. For the eight fortunate franchises, their employees and most importantly their fans..congratulations! Enjoy the ride, the joy and the emotion that you will never ever forget.

For the likes of Randy Johnson and David Eckstein, this October and the months to follow present a period of time to make career and life decisions. As of this morning, N.L. Cy Young voters have made their made their decision on who will receive the coveted hardware. In this entry are conversations with Johnson, Eckstein, plus Brandon Webb and Tim Lincecum together.

First up a two part conversation with Randy on the day before he took the mound for his 295th career victory. It was heard on Baseball Sunday on Sports 620 KTAR:

Randy Johnson.jpg

Randy Johnson Interview 1.WMA

Randy Johnson Interview 2.WMA

This conversation was also from the radio show and it took place with David at Dodger Stadium on what turned out to be a very tough weekend:

david trophy.jpg

David Eckstein Interview.WMA

This interview was with both Webb and Lincecum for Fox Sports Arizona. Listen a bit more closely because with television, they were not identified by name as much.

brandon webb.jpg

Lincecum and Webb Interview.WMA

lincecum 2.jpg

Enjoy the postseason. I’ll be back here this winter once a week.



  1. bosquebill

    Daron, my thanks for you and Mark and all the folks who worked so hard to bring us major league coverage of the D-backs this season. No, it wasn’t “guess work” up there.

    Thanks to FSN… er, rather FS Arizona (and Comcast,) D-backs fans in the Albuquerque area were able to watch nearly every single game this season. And I, for one, enjoyed them all, especially those in HD. I haven’t heard an announcement, but I dearly hope for complete coverage next season, too.

    OK, buddy, time to come out with the story. Tell us how Mark and those other pranksters really “got you” a few weeks ago. We saw the aftermath, now time for the details on just how sneaky they all were.

    Now I can enjoy your interviews. Enjoy your break, but keep us posted.



    Hi Darin I’m a Dodger fan and I heard You last sunday you said the NLCS will be Dodgers and the Phyllis an You’re right and as You said you heard her (fsn Arizona) first,
    and Mark Grace told You that You’re always wrong.
    tell him He need to hear more about you,
    after all thank you for your observations and have a nice vacations enjoy with your family and keep the good work

    a Dodger fan from Curacao, the Country of Andruw Jones and Jair Jurrjens

  3. happyyoungster


    the happy youngster from Milwaukee writing to you! We miss you in BrewTown and hope Arizona is treating you well. You excel at what you do and we appreciate all you did for the community. Enjoy your offseason and if your busy schedule permits, drop by my blog page.

    Thanks again and continued success!

    “The Happy Youngster” (as tabbed by Bill “Rock” Schroeder)
    Milwaukee’s most crazed fanatic


    Yo Daron. How about these last two seasons for the Crew? (esp. the playoffs here in town a couple weeks ago…. crazy). Hope Arizona and the Diamondbacks are treating you great and while Brian Anderson is a very good announcer, oftentimes I wish you would still be announcing for us.

    Are you going to announce UWM TV games this season? Hopefully!! I like Jason Clark, but it’d be awesome if you and Schroeder could team up for the broadcasts.. Does Rock know how to color commentate hoops? lol.

    I think the Panthers have a lot of potential this year (Avery Smith..); it will be interesting to see how things pan out. I sure hope the Brew Crew can make the right moves in this off-season (namely starting pitching). They might meet Arizona in the playoffs next year or in years to come…. who knows? Good luck to the D-Backs, and hopefully you’ll be here for the Milwaukee Hoops ’08-’09 campaign.

    UWM BasketBlog

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