The Stuntman

March 10, Tucson – The stuntman is the individual willing to the dirty work. The man who, while the star is in his trailer, is willing to fall off the roof, get run over by the horses or mix it up in a brawl scene. Stuntman In 2007, Edgar Gonzalez was the stuntman. Randy’s not ready, Edgar will go. Team getting blown out, Edgar will eat some of the innings for you.

On June 13 at Yankee Stadium, Livan Hernandez took one on the chin, three homers, seven runs allowed in just four innings of work. Edgar grabbed the ball and went three shutout innings in a blowout saving the bullpen for an upcoming series against the Orioles at Camden Yards. In that series in Baltimore, Edgar again took the bullet. With Randy Johnson unable to make his start, Edgar made himself available on two, that’s right two days rest and answered the bell in Randy’s place. In that start, he went five innings, allowed two hits, and just a single run, outdueling Daniel Cabrera and pitching in a win as part of a three game sweep of the O’s.

Edgar_gonzalez_1In his seven starts from April 21 to September 16, Edgar went 3-1 with a 3.16 ERA, allowing just one run in five of those seven starts.

Here is a guy that could have packed his spikes out of frustration several years ago. In his first 15 big league starts went 1-13, while allowing 3 earned runs or less in 8 of those starts. In his next 14 starts, including last season, he is 6-4, with a 4.04 and has allowed three earned runs or less in 10 of those assignments. What makes it a bit more challenging is that he isn’t always quite sure when those assignments will be.

Edgar_gonzalez_2I would imagine teams might call with interest in Gonzo as injuries occur and starting pitchers are needed, and if he were to go, his shoes would be tough to fill. Yusmeiro Petit, Billy Buckner and Juan Gutierrez are all capable candidates to step in, but here’s hoping that they could handle a New York/Baltimore in three days type of assignment.

Every team needs a stuntman to make their stars look good. No stuntman, no box office hit in October.


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  1. Steve

    Darrin…interesting article on D-backs new Gonzo….durable performances that go under the radar of a winning season. Reminds me of some defensive plays made by Counsell last year early in the season down in Miami. It was rainy and wet and he stopped balls on two plays late in the game…preserving a tie…game had to be fininshed the following night which Brewers won and them went on their early season blossoming.

    Anyway…a question for you..What can you tell us about the D-backs bullpen that we won’t find on the team site? Brandon Lyons is getting very limited exposure this spring. Is he injured? If so, will Chad Qualls take over as closer? Tony Pena? Or is there someone else in camp Melvin will try out?

    Gutsy move to trade Valverde me thinks…Makes for an interesting spring. Your enthusiasm is missed in Brew City!!! I still playback that classic Brewers game that has come to be known as the Fielder-Weeks debut. You nailed the moment Darrin and envisioned a future the way it is turning out to be. It has to be one of the greatest moments in Brewers history considering how down in the dumps our franchise was prior to that moment…..Cheers!!!

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