The Proud Family

August 9, Phoenix – An amazing defensive play that awakened the team offensively and the game winning rbi not long after. Just in a day’s work for Orlando Hudson, one of three of four team mvp’s on a team that needs all 25 in uniform to win each series.

Here’s a recent conversation I had with Orlando…

Download orlando_hudson_interview.WMA





    Hey Daron and Mark! We heard your call to come to the park last night and left our house in Tempe at the bottom of the 1st. What a great game…we liked it so much we are coming back tonight. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. James

    Hey Daron,
    I live in the Chicago area, but have a lot of family in the Valley so I keep tabs on the D’Backs, and I must say you are doing a fine job on the broadcasts. My only regret is that when I am in Phoenix, I come to the ballpark and I can’t listen to you! I’m very impressed by the team, and wish them the best of luck the rest of the way. Take care!


    Daron, welcome to Arizona…you’re doing a good job! Mark, do you have to end so many of your comments going up on your voice….it’s very annoying to listen to for 2 to 3 hours. My husband and I loved you as a D’backs player, but as an announcer, you could do better…listen to yourself and see what I mean.


    Sorry I posted my comment under the wrong heading. It is under “It’s Only A Number”.


    Daron….I like the commentary of both you and Gracie….keep up the good work….you guys make a boring game good to watch.
    Could one of you talk to our closer (Valverde)an let him know it is a uniform he wears on the mound and that would included wearing his CAP straight….It lowers his IQ when he pulls it to the side and acts like a child rather then a professional ball player!

    Thanks for listening


    Daron, you’re doing an awesome job! Love your 80s music references!
    the Diamondbacks are HOT this year — we need a new home run song! please pull some strings for us, oh, music man, and get them to throw “Burning Down the House” by the Talking Heads into the mix. It’ll bring us luck!

    Keep up the good work.


    Hey Daron,

    I am very excited to hear you call the game tonight! Any chance you can talk about drinking Miller Products???

    We miss you in Milwaukee!

    Hope all is well,

    Jamie in LA.


    Daron and Gracie
    We have been hooked on the D’Backs since we moved here in ’05. We try to make it to at least one game…and with your urging we’ll be there Friday night v. Da Cubs. Keep up the good work!

    Lou and JJ in Surprise


    Hey Daron-
    I heard you and Gracy mention Drew Henson and his hitting prowess the other night. Did you know that he attended 8th and 9th grade at Brimhall Jr. High in Mesa? Another Arizona connection!



    Ive always enjoyed your work especially when you were with the Brew Crew. I actually have sent an email to Bill Shroeder saying that you guys should be national fox broadcasters. I have one problem though. This year you have been hard on Aramis Rameriz, and I dont know why. Maybe he killed you guys in Milwaukee I dont know, but you have taken shots at him all year, and Gracie has kept quiet. This guy is an awesome player that has an injured knee and wrist. You actually complemented him some tonight, but then ripped him after he scorced a line drive to Hudson for not running it out. Did you ever think maybe he was told not to run when he did not have too? Again, I love your work- but you are way too hard on Rammy. I am a Cubs fan by the way. skipper 11


    Hey Daron,

    Your broadcast on Sunday was very Vin Scullyisk! While Gracie was out signing autographs you did a great job of calling & analyzing the game, Koodos to you my friend, job well done


    Hey Daron,

    Welcom to the family of snakes, it funny becuz my husband hates snakes, but loves the D’BACKS. He won’t even wear the hat with the snake symble on it. We have been following the d’backs since the first started off and we used to live in phx, but we moved back to my home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico and I just miss going to the games. I’m glad we have FSN here to watch some of the games on TV. So maybe next time when your on TV give us a shoot out here in New Mexico, and Gracie you rock we love you. Say hi to pigpen for me. Keep up the good job and I’m glad you guys are going to be on FSN next year for all your games and not 3tv since we don’t get that here. Thanks and hope to see at a game down the line.


    Hey Daron, I met your Dad back in 1981 or so at a celebrity golf tournament. I rode with him on a golf cart after a few of us had a couple of beers. Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed him and to tell you I think your and Gracie are the best!!


    Tonight, Wednesday, as I was watching in the 3rd inning, I noticed you were talking about the last hitter on the Giants as going to school at Atascadero High School in California. I didn’t hear who he was. Can you tell me? I used to live in Atascadero for 20 years and was brought up in San Luis Obispo. I can remember watching you great dad pitching in the 70’s. Thanks again.


    Daron & Mark,
    Why was Barry Zero, allowed to use Mark Reynolds for target practice tonight? Shouldn’t he have been tossed from the game? What a thug!

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