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November 5 – Let me start by inviting you to email me at

Energy and persistence conquer all things.  -Benjamin Franklin

Bfrankln There are few words to describe my experience last week as a whirlwind carried me through my first few days as a Dback. From meeting all of my new fellow employees, to actually sitting at the front table in a press conference, then sitting on the floor at the Suns home opener, there were many impressionable moments that I will never forget. Chase_field What struck me more than anything was the genuineness of the people that call the offices of Chase Field their home.

Grace1_big Mark Grace took some time out of his day to stop by the ballpark and I can already tell he will be a pleasure to work with. We will certainly talk a lot of baseball (strategy, approach, pitching, hitting, etc) but we’ll also be able to make you smile on occasion. I think I’m most excited about the moments that will lead us to giving you both the pitcher’s and hitter’s perspective in certain situations. How can we not learn nightly from a man who hit .300 in the big leagues nine times? How can we not laugh nightly with a man who is willing to laugh at himself and will have plenty to dish my way?

Drew There are young and talented players filling the roster with young and talented individuals making key decisions. That’s why Ben F. started my thoughts. The talented youth is certainly powered by energy and when the power depletes, one can rest assured that persistence will again fill the tank. These elements certainly formed a magnet that drew me to this organization and I’m ecstatic about it.

Mexican So now I count on you to educate me. Where are the best Mexican restaurants in the valley? Which free agents should the Dbacks be targeting? What do you like to hear about in the telecasts? What should we expect from these young players? Drop me a note and I’ll share some of your thoughts with the class.

Thanks again for making me feel so welcome. I look forward to meeting many of you and talking baseball with you all summer long.

See you soon.




    I am a huge diamondbacks fan
    and it great to have you on board.I think they should focus on getting another quality starter in free agency.As for what i like to hear on telecasts i like to hear the announcers stay on topic with baseball some drift off not mentioning names but………looking forward to listening to your telecasts during the season and reading your blog this offseason.




    Welcome aboard. I have followed the D-backs since 1998 when they had their first less than memorable season (although it was memorable for being their first). In all the succeeding years I have been rabidly against the gratuitous superfluities tossed off by Thom while the game was in progress. You can only be an improvement if you stay focused on the game and how it is being played as it is being played.
    Again welcome to the snake-pit.


    Welcome aboard! Big Brewers fan and am glad you are here, but it will be weird for awhile not to have you calling Brewers game and seeing you on local tv.

    Best mexican restaurant in my book: Jordan’s mexican food on Central Ave north of McDowel next to Durants. Park in back and then go in….it’s family run, has been here for years and is fantastic!

    Welcome to AZ!


    Thank goodness for “Extra Innings” available through my cable company. I think you and Gracie will be a hoot. Working third shift, I need a west coast team anyway. From a Brewer fan to all Diamondback fans, Daron is one of the best and pretty easy to like. You’ll love him. Good luck except…


    Welcome to Arizona baseball, Daron! As a die-hard Diamondback follower now expatriated to the beautiful state of Colorado — but completely surrounded by division-rival Rockies fans — I’ll be couting on you to keep me sane throughout the season! 🙂 (Thank the Good Lord for MLB.TV!)

    Amy 🙂


    Welcome to the valley of perpetual sun! Truly looking forward to the interaction of you and Gracie. Best Mexican food – Carolina’s 1202 E Mohave. Incredibly good food and good money value too!


    Congratulations on the new job Mr. Suton I am sure you will do a very good job. But if you want good Mexican food you will have to come down to Tucson to really experience it.


    Welcome aboard Daron. Your going to love the sunshine in our beautiful state and hope you the best at your new job. I’m a big fan of your dad from the earlier Dodger days and do hope you could at least guest spot him once during this years Dback games. He threw a magnificent curveball and I can say he was the team ace in many of those championship Dodger ballclubs.
    As a big Mexican food fan, I’m going to suggest Garica’s Las Avenidas Resturaunt on 35th ave & Encanto. Its the original Garcias and serve exceptional plates that are worth the drive for us from Mesa all the time. Try the Green Chili. The Best!



    I think that the uniforms look awesome, but they are so hot. Wouldn’t that affect the way that the team plays throughout the season? Especially here in Arizona. I think that it was a good idea to change the uniforms, but it was not made of the right material.


    I will really miss having you in Milwaukee. Had an oportunity to meet you twice. Once in Milwaukee and once in San Francisco. Bill and you were so gracious. Signing autographs for my fiance’ and I. We are planning to move back to Milwaukee and we were looking forward to seeing you again. I was really shocked to see you go. Guess we’ll just have to stop by Phoenix. Good luck in your new job. But remember there is no Mexican food that tops a good brat and beer!

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